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Igris EDIXML Services
  • Initial business analysis
  • Design of the interface to your systems
  • Customisation of EDIXML for your systems
  • Testing and installation support
  • Onboarding for your customers
  • Support for Tradacoms and EDIFACT EDI formats
  • Support for interfacing to any existing IT systems
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


Igris EDIXML System

Igris EDIXML is a system for enabling all types of computer systems to send and receive EDI transactions.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a well established method of electronic communication between businesses. It is extensively used for automating the processing of orders and invoices. Many large companies insist on the use of EDI for transactions due to the cost savings and increased accuracy resulting from the complete automation of transactions.

EDI transactions are also very fast. They travel from the customer's ordering system to you in seconds. Likewise, you can send your invoice back to the customer instantly and ensure the shortest possible delay in settlement.

Igris EDIXML is a set of modular programs that are configured and customised to produce EDI invoices from your existing computer systems, and convert incoming EDI orders into a format that can be read by your existing systems.

The Igris EDIXML system can be configured to convert to and from any new, or existing IT system. Thus providing all the benefits of EDI without the expense of replacing your systems. The Igris EDIXML system is also installed on your site, under your control.

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EDI Benefits
  • Increased accuracy of orders and invoices
  • Increased speed of order turnaround
  • Reduced payment delays
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Ideal for servicing 'just-in-time' business processes
  • Easy to audit
  • Competitive advantage
  • Easier International transactions

Igris FileDump Utility

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