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Igris TED Integration Services
  • Initial business analysis
  • Design of the interface to your systems
  • Customisation of TED Integration for your systems
  • Testing and installation support
  • Support for interfacing to any existing IT systems
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • SaaS service option
  • Pan-European service - we can support any public-sector organisation in any EU country
Igris EDIXML System


Igris TED Integration System

Igris TED Integration is a system for enabling all types of computer systems to send correctly formatted documents to the European Union TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) system.

TED is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', which publishes all EU public-sector procurement opportunities above threshold values.

Under European Union law, all public-sector organisations must publish contract opportunities above certain threshold values in the European Journal. This can be accomplished by either by manually completing online forms in a TED website, or by transferring digital documents directly. Manual submission to TED is only recommended for organisations sending 50 or less documents per year.

In any case, where tender documents are already produced in an electronic format (e.g. in a local tenders website), it is better to transfer them to TED digitally to save effort and eliminate any drafting errors.

The Igris TED Integration system can be used to convert your existing data into the correct TED format and then submit the documents to the TED system. Because Igris is a pre-approved TED eSender, the integration process will be greatly streamlined and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

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Igris TED Integration Benefits
  • Quick implementation
  • No further TED approval process is required
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Greatly simplified integration process
  • Customised facilities can be added to suit each organisation's workflow requirements
  • Igris is certified for the complete range of TED document types in all EU languages


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